Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires
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Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires

The Metropolitan Cathedral is the most important Catholic church in Argentina, home of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires and the bishopric.

While the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires dates back to 1580 and the founding of BA by Juan de Garay, the current building on the Plaza de Mayo opened in 1791. The Cathedral was completed only in 1827 and is the sixth cathedral built on this site; earlier buildings suffered from poor construction and lack of funds. The final details were only completed in the early twentieth century.

Such confusion and delay in construction has contributed to this cathedral being one of the rarest of its kind. The neo-classical facade looks more like the entrance to a courthouse than a church. It has five naves.

The Metropolitan Cathedral has also witnessed great moments in Argentine history. Inside are the remains of General Jose de San Martin. The location of the Cathedral facing the Plaza de Mayo assures it is a front-row spectator for all political and social movements of the country. Pope Francis, former Argentine archbishop, gave mass in this temple.

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